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Scar Revision in Beverly Hills, CA

Scars from unavoidable wounds or prior surgeries are common. For some people, a scar is an uncomfortable reminder from a previous injury or another incident resulting in skin damage. Some scars don't bother people, but others may find their appearance to be a daily concern. The appearance of scars ranges from large or wide, dark, rough, sunken, or raised. Because everyone heals differently, each person's wounds and surgical scars are unique. However, you do not have to live with the scars for the rest of your life. Dr. William C. Harris, an AAFPRS fellowship-trained, board-certified, facial plastic & reconstructive surgeon has the ability to lighten or even eliminate the visual impact of a scar on almost any area of your face or neck. He strives to deliver the best scar revision Beverly Hills has to offer. Make an appointment today with Harris Facial Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics in Beverly Hills, California, to discuss scar revision procedures and options.

Scar Revision in Beverly Hills at Harris Facial Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics

What is Scar Revision?

Understanding Your Scar

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Depending on the location and severity of the scar, scar revision surgery can help reduce or eliminate the appearance of an unsightly scar. Dr. Harris performs scar revision surgery in Beverly Hills. His technique attempts to diminish the size and look of your scar for smoother and healthier-looking skin.

Types of Scars

Noticeable Scars

Scars may stand out because of their size, shape, or location. They can appear sunken or look raised. Scars may also have a different color or feel than the healthy skin around them.

Hypertrophic scars

Scars that are hypertrophic become raised within the confines of the original wound. Most of the time, they are thick and red. Hypertrophic scars are either dark (hyperpigmented) or lighter in color (hypopigmented) and are often noted first as a child with small cuts and scrapes because certain people are more prone to this process.


Scar tissue that becomes thick and raised within and also outside of the confines of the original wound is referred to as a keloid. Essentially, they become bigger than the original cut or wound that caused them. Keloid scars can hurt or be itchy. Most of the time, keloids happen on the face, neck, ears, chest, or shoulders. People with darker skin tones are more likely to have them.


Contracture scars can make it hard to move the particular part of the body affected because the skin and the tissue underneath are pulled tightly together. Contracture scars are prone to happen when a lot of skin is lost, like after a burn.

Am I a good candidate for Scar Revision?

Know Your Options

Scar revision surgery is ideal if you have a scar that bothers you or makes you feel insecure. It's important for prospective patients who are thinking about scar revision surgery to understand that while this procedure aims to enhance the physical appearance of the scar and reduce its size, it won't altogether remove it. The treatment chosen depends on the location, type, size, shape, and depth of your scar.

Your Scar Revision Procedure

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At Harris Facial Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics, scar revision surgery is performed in-office or in our on-site surgical suite. Depending on the details of your procedure, Dr. Harris may use a local anesthetic or sedation. A shave excision can be performed to level out and even out smaller thick, or raised scars.

With an ellipse incision, the scar and a minimal amount of the surrounding tissue is excised, causing the scar visibility to be greatly decreased. These methods and countless more significantly improve scars caused by poor healing. Tissue expansion or skin graft is sometimes required for larger or contracture scars so that the original scar can be removed and healthy skin and tissue can be sutured together.

For other people whose scar's texture or color rather than its size or shape is the problem, Dr. Harris will use sophisticated laser and light treatments to lessen the scar's color and improve the appearance without surgery. Last but not least, Dr. Harris can provide a dermal filler treatment to provide a more even, natural skin quality if you have a depressed scar or your skin appears "pitted,” as is often seen with old acne scars.

Scar Revision Recovery

Incision care is a crucial step in the healing process after scar revision surgery. Dr. Harris will provide extensive instructions and advice on how to take care of your scar revision site so that the healing process will be as efficient as possible. Please remember that the scar won't completely disappear but that most completed scar revision surgeries can result in a softer, more natural complexion.

Scar Revision Results

Depending on the severity of your scar, you may require multiple surgeries in order to reach the best possible outcome. However, the majority of our Beverly Hills scar revision patients report a considerable improvement after a single treatment. Expect some discoloration or shininess while your wound heals, but this will diminish with time. Typically, your scar revision takes up to 12 months to fully heal.


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Beautiful Scar Revision Results in Beverly Hills, CA.

Harris Face Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics offers a variety of procedures to hide any scars that are bothering you. Your scar can be made to look less noticeable by developing a revision plan once the shape, size, type, and depth of your scar are assessed. Dr. William C. Harris will restructure the scar and surrounding skin using surgical or nonsurgical treatments for a more natural appearance. Get in touch with Harris Facial Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills, California, to set up your consultation.

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Scar RevisionFrequently Asked Questions

Due to the use of anesthetic, patients often feel little to no discomfort while receiving treatment. Following your procedure, you can feel sore or itchy, or you might see some slight swelling and redness.

Scarred skin can benefit further from skin rejuvenation techniques like laser skin resurfacing. Dermal fillers may also potentially be an option for patients. During your consultation with Dr. Harris, he will discuss options with you regarding combined treatments that can help you reach your goals.

Each scar is unique, and the cost will vary depending on the technique and surgery used. After your consultation with Dr. Harris, our patient care coordinator will discuss the cost of your procedure and address any other financing questions you may have.

It is essential to examine coverage possibilities with your insurance company. Depending on the reason for scar revision, medical insurance may or may not cover the procedure. Financing options are also available for your convenience.

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