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Deep Plane Facelift in Beverly Hills, CA

“Deep plane” facelifts are found throughout Beverly Hills, and for good reason. When performed correctly, a deep plane facelift and neck lift can provide natural and impactful results by recontouring the lower face and neck. Perhaps more importantly, by redistributing volume and improving the midface, the result is a notably more youthful appearance. But not all deep plane facelifts are created (or performed) equally. Fellowship-trained plastic surgeon Dr. William Harris delivers a true extended deep plane face and neck lift, using innovative techniques with unwavering attention to detail in order to deliver elegant and lasting high-quality results.

Dr. William Harris’ Extended Deep Plane Facelift and Neck Lift in Beverly Hills, CA

What is an extended deep plane facelift?

Extend Your Youthful Beauty

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An extended deep plane facelift and neck lift is a surgical procedure that addresses three layers of the face and neck, the skin, fat, and muscle. This particular technique is best suited for those patients who would like to look as young as they feel by obtaining an impactful change while still maintaining a natural look.

The reason the procedure is called an “extended” deep plane facelift and neck lift is that Dr. Harris uses his in-depth knowledge of anatomy to elevate not only the skin, but to extend beneath the deeper muscular layer in order to naturally redrape these tissues and avoid the unwanted “pulled” look. Compared to other more common facelift techniques, Dr. Harris’ extended deep plane facelift and neck lift delivers a unique elevation and resuspension of these deeper tissues by releasing the ligaments that tether the skin and muscle layer down. By restoring these tissues to a more youthful position, Dr. Harris can help turn back the clock on facial aging by a decade or more while preserving your unique features and facial structure.

What are the benefits of an extended deep plane facelift and neck lift?

You at your Best

Choosing an extended deep plane facelift and neck lift is a great way to achieve significant improvement to your midface, jawline, and neckline. Choosing Dr. Harris for this procedure gives you all those benefits, as well as the added experience of his unique training combined with his understanding and personal appreciation for achieving a natural result.

Dr. Harris believes that your entire surgical experience should be comfortable and stress-free from start to finish. Every Beverly Hills deep plane facelift patient is unique, and it is his goal that your personal journey should be tailored to your needs not just in the operating room, but in the pre-procedure preparation and post-procedure recovery period as well. Dr. Harris also incorporates cutting-edge treatments like tranexamic acid (TXA) intra-operatively to help minimize bruising and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) as standard additions to each surgery to encourage healing, improve results, and reduce downtime.

Am I a good candidate for an extended deep plane facelift and neck lift?

Ready For a Lasting Change

Ideal candidates for an extended deep plane facelift and neck lift are adults in good health who can safely undergo surgery. The extended deep plane face and neck lift is typically for patients who may or may not have already enjoyed the benefits of nonsurgical interventions over the years and are ready for a longer-lasting solution to wrinkles, sagging skin, volume loss, and other signs of facial aging. During your consultation, Dr. Harris will review your health and surgical history as well as your individual features to help determine the best treatment for you.

Dr. Harris is a strong advocate of avoiding over treatment and listens carefully to ensure that the treatment plan you develop together will be the best for achieving your personal goals. Transparency is of the utmost importance to Dr. Harris, and an open and honest discussion of procedural and surgical limitations will always be included in the consultation. In addition, Dr. Harris will do his best to ensure you understand every step of the process during your consultation, and will be available should questions or concerns arise before or after the procedure.

Your extended deep plane facelift and neck lift procedure

Beauty with Depth

Providing personalized and excellent patient care is our goal for all facets of your journey, which is why you will have a separate dedicated pre-operative appointment after your initial consultation and before your surgery. In addition, Dr. Harris will call you the night before surgery to discuss the surgical plan and answer any remaining questions you may have. On surgery day, our Beverly Hills deep plane facelift and neck lift patients will want to have someone available to drive them to and from the surgery center.

Prior to surgery, you will meet with the anesthesia team and review any allergies and pertinent medical history. You will then be given anesthesia for the duration of your surgery, so you will not be able to feel anything during the procedure. Dr. Harris will then make careful incisions at predetermined locations around the face and neck, allowing him to reach the deep plane and adjust the skin and muscle to a more youthful looking position. By moving the skin and muscle together rather than simply stretching the tissues, he is able to make your neck and jawline more defined without appearing too tight or “windswept.” Following your procedure, Dr. Harris and his team will move you to the recovery room where you will be carefully monitored until you awake from anesthesia.

Dr. Harris also works hand-in-hand with the anesthesia team to minimize post-surgical nausea or pain. The extended deep plane facelift procedure does not require an overnight stay, but having someone with you for the first on to two nights of recovery is recommended. Overnight care providers and after-care facility recommendations are available. Depending on your individual goals and features, additional procedures to address the eyes or brow position for example can be added to the deep plane facelift and neck lift procedure. Doing these procedures together minimizes downtime and can address other areas of aging at the same time.

Extended deep plane facelift and neck lift recovery

You can expect to be “restaurant ready” after about two weeks of recovery time, and you can expect to look your best at two to three months after your procedure. Dr. Harris will help guide you through this crucial part of your recovery with easy-to-follow instructions on how to manage discomfort and give yourself the best chance to heal quickly. Dr. Harris’ emphasis on holistic treatments, natural-looking results, and comprehensive care will help you minimize your recovery time and maximize your results. Furthermore, your post-procedure recovery will incorporate a carefully planned regimen of topical treatments and an ongoing evaluation.

Extended deep plane facelift and neck lift results

As the swelling goes down and you continue to heal, you will notice the final effects of your deep plane facelift or neck lift surgery start to appear. You will see a dramatic change in your midface and definition along your neck and jawline. There will also be smoother skin where there were folds and deep creases before. When you look in the mirror, you will be drawn to your natural beauty and not the signs of aging that distract from it.


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A Beautiful Experience

When done right, an extended deep plane facelift and neck lift is a procedure with long-lasting results. Trust your face to the skill and artistry of fellowship-trained facial plastic surgeon Dr. William Harris. Schedule a consultation today.

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Extended Deep Plane Facelift And Neck LiftFrequently Asked Questions

Like any surgery, there are risks to an extended deep plane facelift and neck lift, including numbness, bleeding, tingling, scarring, hair loss, and facial nerve injury. Dr. Harris will go over a complete list of risks during your consultation and explain how he addresses them during your surgery plan.

A deep plane face and neck lift is an elective procedure, and insurance will not cover it. Harris Facial Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics does offer financing options, which are available upon request.

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