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Midline Neck Lift in Beverly Hills, CA

In contrast to the traditional neck lift, in which incisions are done around each ear, the Midline Neck Lift requires a minimal incision placed within the crease beneath your chin. Dr. Harris strives to deliver the best midline neck lift Beverly Hills has to offer. Through this incision, Dr. Harris is able to reshape the neck's muscles and deep tissue to restore a more defined and slim neckline. Depending on your specific requirements, Dr. Harris may also recommend liposuction to remove excess fat, reduction of the soft tissues to remodel the neck, and possibly radiofrequency energy treatment to help tighten skin.

Midline Neck Lift at Harris Facial Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics

The Midline Neck Lift is frequently performed in conjunction with buccal fat pad removal to narrow your cheeks and emphasize a slimmer appearance. Buccal fat pads are naturally occurring fat pads in the cheek region that can be extracted via the oral cavity. In addition, patients might simultaneously undergo upper facial volume expansion with dermal fillers or fat transfer to achieve the most youthful facial aesthetic balance. The result is a lower face and neck that enhances a person's own natural beauty. Learn more about the Midline Neck Lift at Harris Facial Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics.

What is a
Midline Neck Lift?

Firmer, Tighter Neckline

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A Midline or Isolated Neck Lift is done with a single cut under your chin. It is often used when a patient’s submental area (the area just behind the chin) and neck are fuller with or without associated skin laxity. Many surgeons only offer a neck lift by using incisions around the ears, such as during a standard facelift. However, Dr. Harris can achieve an elegant neck and improved jawline in many patients without these incisions by performing a Midline Neck Lift procedure. The Midline Neck Lift is also used to tighten any bands in the neck that run vertically.

What are the benefits of
Midline Neck Lift?

Feel Confident in What You Wear

The loosening and sagging of the skin in the neck are two frequent issues that patients describe as they age and can often be effectively treated with a Midline Neck Lift. Due to their improved appearance, patients frequently experience renewed confidence. Patients who have undergone a Midline Neck Lift also report they are less self-conscious when wearing low-cut or v-cut tops and blouses or working out.

Am I a good candidate for
Midline Neck Lift?

Discover a Beautiful Neck at Any Age

An excellent candidate for a Midline Neck Lift has excess skin and fullness around their neck and chin with minimal issues regarding lower facial laxity—typically this is a person in their 20s to 40s. With a Midline Neck Lift, Dr. William Harris can reveal a neckline's distinct and elegant features by removing extra skin and reshaping the tissues around your neck and chin. For our Beverly Hills Midline Neck Lift patients experiencing significant sagging in their face, cheeks, and neck, a facelift may be a better option to help restore their overall appearance.

Your Midline Neck Lift Procedure

The Precision You Can Trust

You will be under either twilight or general anesthesia during Midline Neck Lift surgery. The procedure usually takes about two hours to complete. Dr. Harris will make a small incision under your chin and the muscles that run along the middle of your neck will be brought closer together, excess fat deposits will be eliminated, and your neck will ultimately take on a more refined appearance.

Midline Neck Lift Recovery

The length of your recovery depends on your overall health and outlook. Most of our Beverly Hills Midline Neck Lift patients resume normal activities within one to two weeks of surgery, including work. Expect your neck to feel tighter along with minor bruising and swelling following your Midline Neck Lift procedure. These common side effects should subside gradually, with bruising disappearing after one to two weeks and the "tight" sensation lasting two to three weeks. Dr. Harris will send you home with comprehensive post-operative recovery and aftercare instructions prior to your procedure.

Midline Neck Lift Results

Midline neck lift results are particularly impactful because they address one of the most common areas to show signs of aging. The results are long lasting and typically last somewhere in the range of 7-10 years, which is similar to a facelift. That being said, at 7-10 years out from surgery, your neck will look better than if you had never undergone the procedure.


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Midline Neck Lift Frequently Asked Questions

Most people who have had a midline neck lift will notice that any discomfort, swelling, and bruising goes away within two weeks. Still, the swelling in some individuals may not fully dissipate for 1-2 months.

Although rare, all face and neck lifts come with risks such as pain, bleeding, scarring, and facial nerve injury.

The Midline Neck Lift, as with most Harris Facial Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics procedures, is customized for each patient. Therefore, the cost will vary based on your specific needs and if you elect to have additional procedures performed. During your consultation, the cost of your surgery will be reviewed and explained in detail.

The Midline Neck Lift is a cosmetic surgery not covered by medical insurance.

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